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Ottawa Live Arts Community (OLAC) is exploring the potential to develop a Music Centered Community Hub in West Centretown.  

Several locations are being explored within the Somerset and Kitchissippi Wards.

OLAC gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Ottawa Community Foundation and the City of Ottawa.

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Community Programming

"Artists play a leading role in sustaining the vitality of our communities . . ."

Live Arts Community:

  • Promotes arts programming that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

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Arts & Healthy Aging

"There is science-backed evidence that seeing or making art can play a crucial role in healing our bodies and minds."

Live Arts Community:

  • Encourages positive language to combat ageism.

  • Develops courses that promote healthy aging through participation in the arts.

  • Plans to offer a variety of wellness programs.

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Role of Arts within the Community

"The Arts are a powerful economic force, and act as a magnet for tourism. Equally important is the social impact as the Arts help educate and inspire our citizens and stimulate creativity in the workplace and in our schools."

Live Arts Community:

  • Supports and appreciates the value and economic benefits artists bring to creating a vibrant, welcoming community.

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